1900 Coral Way, Ste 202 Miami, Florida 33145
(305) 461-0095    ECP@ecpadronlaw.com
1900 Coral Way, Ste 202 Miami, Florida 33145
(305) 461-0095    ECP@ecpadronlaw.com
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Health Care Fraud

Dedicated Health Care Fraud Defense Attorney in Miami, Florida

Health Care Fraud | Medicare Fraud | Medicaid Fraud

As federal and state officials crack down on all kinds of health care fraud, medical professionals are more vulnerable than ever to damaging charges. The law offices of Eric C. Padrón, P.A. defends medical professionals against charges of health care fraud that put their licenses and their livelihoods at risk. Eric C. Padrón, P.A. will provide dedicated, aggressive defense to help you defend your rights.

If you are facing charges of health care fraud, the counsel of an experienced defense attorney is of the utmost importance. Contact Eric C. Padrón, P.A. today to discuss your legal options. Se habla español.


Defense Solutions for Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud charges can be leveled against anyone who works in the medical field. From doctors and nurses to the receptionist, including anyone who deals with billing, can have their career put at risk by a charge of fraud. Eric C. Padrón, P.A. provides an aggressive legal defense for health care professionals charged with:

  • Medicare Fraud
  • Medicaid Fraud
  • False Billing
  • Insurance Fraud

He routinely handles cases in which charges of fraud are made over billing for DME (durable medical equipment), as well as HIV infusion therapy. Routine billing errors can lead to charges of fraud and put the entire career of a health care professional at risk. Eric C. Padrón works with health care professionals in order to help them keep their licenses and livelihoods and aggressively defends their rights at all levels of the state and federal courts.

Contact an Experienced Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing health care fraud, do not waste any time. Your entire career could be at risk. Get one of Florida’s leading criminal defense attorneys on your side. Contact the law offices of Eric C. Padrón, P.A. for dedicated, aggressive representation at 305.461.0095 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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