1900 Coral Way, Ste 202 Miami, Florida 33145
(305) 461-0095    ECP@ecpadronlaw.com
1900 Coral Way, Ste 202 Miami, Florida 33145
(305) 461-0095    ECP@ecpadronlaw.com
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Practice Areas Overview

Experienced Defense Attorney in Miami, FL

Miami criminal defense lawyer, Eric C. Padrón, provides experienced, aggressive legal representation to individuals and business clients facing criminal investigations involving all felonies and misdemeanors.

Contact the law offices of Eric C. Padrón, P.A. for criminal defense in the areas of:

  • Drug and Narcotic Crimes: involves defending clients who are facing both state and federal charges of possession, trafficking, selling, growing and cultivating such illegal drugs as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and oxycontin.
  • White Collar Crimes: including mortgage fraud, tax fraud, identity theft, internet fraud, health care fraudand securities fraud.
  • Insurance Fraud: defending clients against charges ranging from the staging of car accidents to false billing of an insurance company.
  • Money Laundering: defending clients against charges of transfer and concealment of illegal funds.
  • Grand Jury Investigations: protecting the client while still under investigation or when called before a grand jury.
  • Crimes of Violence and Homicide: including murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, domestic violence, assault and battery, and all firearm or weapons violations.
  • Civil and Criminal Forfeiture: defending against the seizure of a client’s money or property by law enforcement authorities.
  • Internet / Cyber Crimes: including internet pornography involving the possession and distribution of child pornography or the solicitation of minors via internet chat rooms.
  • RICO / Racketeering: including conspiracy and all other charges accompanying a federal racketeering charge.
  • DUI / DWLS: including assisting with preventing a license revocation, large fines, jail time, and other punishments associated with a DUI or DWLS conviction.
  • Illegal Alien Smuggling: defending against charges of smuggling of people from Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, South America, Mexico and Central America into the United States and all charges associated with human trafficking and illegal entry into the country.
  • Violations of Probation and Supervised Release: including assistance of all persons in South Florida accused of violating the conditions of their probation or supervised release.

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Regardless of what stage your case is in, it is critical that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.  Contact the law offices of Eric C. Padrón, P.A. for dedicated, aggressive representation at 305.461.0095 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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